How Do I Get A Login With Netflix?

If you do not live under a rock, you probably already know that a Netflix login enables you to watch shows on demand through the Internet. All you need for a Netflix sign in is a device with an Internet connection, a browser, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc., and an existing email.

The great thing with a Netflix account is, you can open it through any web browser. Any time you want to watch a show, you can do it as it is convenient for you!

Described here is the procedure with images to get a free Netflix account.

• On the browser program’s address bar, type This is the main page of Netflix, also known as Netflix member login.
• Afterwards, you will find the Netflix member sign in page like the next image. Click the blue Start Your Free Month hyperlink.

netflix login

• It is not automatic that you will see another person’s Netflix account, not the Netflix sign in page. This may mean there is someone else who used this computer with a Netflix account. If this occurs, log out from their Netflix account and reload the page. If this does not work, delete the history of your browser program. You can also choose to just use a completely different browser program.

• Next, choose the kind of plan that is best for you. Then, click on the blue Continue link.

netflix sign innetflix account

• Start your free Netflix month through plugging in an email address and a password. As seen in the picture below, your password should have characters between 4 to 50. Click the blue Register button next.

free netflix account

• You have to guarantee that the email you are registering with Netflix has not been used before. Netflix will also check this for you.

• You need a password for your Netflix account so that your data is kept private. Make your password difficult to decipher. Note that as you plug in the password, it will be substituted with dots.

• Since you probably now have a free Netflix account by following these steps, congratulations on your new Netflix account. You have to remember that if you want more premium Netflix Services, you have to shell out some money. Call the Netflix phone number for more information.